Methods of Payment

Fees assessed for consultations are due at the time of the consultation in the form of check, money order, cashier’s check or cash.  After the initial consultation invoices will be mailed monthly.  At this time we are not able to accept credit or debit cards.


Consultations are charged on a flat rate basis, subject to change.  Consultations include a face-to-face meeting or telephone conference that typically lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours.  Prior to the consultation, there will be a short intake interview lasting approximately 10 minutes.

Attorneys Fees

Hourly rates are assessed for all time expended on a Client’s behalf during the duration of the matter, including, but not limited to all telephone calls (with a minimum charge of one-tenth (.1) of an hour for each telephone call), emails, correspondence, office conferences, legal research, court appearances, and travel time.  Clients will not be charged for clerical or stenographic time.


In addition to attorneys’ fees, the Client is responsible for reimbursing SPR on a monthly basis, as incurred, for all out-of-pocket disbursements, including but not limited to: court costs, service of process fees, long distance telephone calls, photocopying, expert witness fees, investigator’s fees, hearing transcripts, deposition costs, and mileage and travel expenses, which SPR is reasonably required to incur on Client’s behalf.