Insurance misrepresentation, fraud and arson comprises a unique subset of insurance law. The experience and skill to effectively represent and counsel insurers during claim investigations, examinations under oath, and subsequent first party and extra contractual litigation is an overlooked specialty and under appreciated that should not be entrusted to general claims counsel. Spies, Powers & Robinson is efficient, professional and skilled in this specialty.

We represent clients throughout the Rocky Mountain region in coverage disputes specifically arising from non-cooperation, fraud, arson and insurance misrepresentation. This extends to personal injury claims, fire losses, business interruption, lost profits and theft. For nearly two decades the principals of the firm have represented insurers during arson and fraud investigations.  We have developed a unique knowledge and understanding of the science and proof specific to those cases. Our practice encompasses the following:

Material Misrepresentation in Claims
Material Misrepresentation in the Insurance Application
Examinations Under Oath
Failure to Cooperate
Extra Contractual Litigation Defense
Fraudulent Claims and Arson Information Reporting Act
Insurance Claim Investigations