excel at appellate advocacy, both written and oral, and possess broad experience in complex appellate litigation. Our appellate practitioners have handled numerous appeals in both federal and state appellate courts.

List of representative appeals.

Our appellate lawyers have substantial experience not only in appellate practice and procedure, but also in a wide range of substantive legal issues, including torts and insurance, civil rights, commercial law, construction, intellectual property, and labor and employment. SPR represents a diverse array of clients, including clients the firm represented at trial and clients represented by other counsel at trial. In either case, we provide a fresh perspective and specialized expertise on appeal.

Amicus briefs are commonly filed in appeals concerning broad public interest, for example, civil rights, education, and insurance related cases. They are filed on behalf of a non-party, private or public, to suggest a rationale consistent with the filing party’s own view. A persuasive brief from an amicus can influence an appellate court’s resolution of novel or particularly significant legal issues. SPR has extensive experience in the art of amicus briefing.