Spies, Powers & Robinson, P.C., is rated “AV” by the Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory, a rating reserved to those attorneys recognized by peers for preeminent legal ability and adherence to the highest ethical standards. Located in Denver, Colorado, SPR specializes in litigation and legal counseling for insurance companies, private businesses and individuals throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. The firm’s litigation expertise encompasses all areas of insurance defense and regulation, commercial disputes, governmental and administrative proceedings, and construction matters. This practice has produced a diverse clientele, including national and international insurance companies, third-party administrators, corporations, partnerships, construction companies and individuals conducting business in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountains.

In addition to the defense of more traditional first and third party claims, Spies, Powers & Robinson provides its clients with complex coverage analysis, investigation, advice and support in the areas of automobile insurance, property and casualty insurance, commercial and personal lines and fraud and arson. In both the insurance and commercial fields, traditional litigation services are combined with experience and training in claims handling, regulatory matters, compliance, governmental administration and arbitration and mediation.

Over the past decade, Spies, Powers & Robinson has developed a national reputation for its special education law practice. This practice involves the representation of parents of children with disabilities in virtually every legal matter that involves schools and education.  Click here to visit our special education resource website.

The creation of Spies, Powers & Robinson was inspired by a recognition that there is a growing chasm between the litigator’s role as a hired gun and the litigator’s role as a counselor who provides the information and sage advice that is crucial to sound business decisions. Attorneys, particularly litigators, all too often fail to establish and maintain a relationship that mandates an open exchange of ideas and advice. Too often goals are defined by the billable hour rather than the client’s best interest. Short-term gain supplants long-term objectives. Volume dilutes quality. Spies, Powers & Robinson is dedicated to filling the void by ensuring that its clients’ short-term needs and long-term goals are met. Each of the principals of the firm is a tenacious, aggressive and creative individual who is committed to a constant, compelling ideology: Quality without compromise.

The goal of Spies, Powers & Robinson is to provide clients with personalized, efficient and affordable legal services. Genuine solutions lie within and depend upon an individualized comprehension of specific client needs, not only at a given moment, but for the future as well. The commitment of Spies, Powers & Robinson is direct representation by the principals of the firm. These goals and this commitment are backed by a fully-networked computer system and state of the art trial software in addition to more traditional staffing solutions. This advanced technological support will further speed communications with direct access to clients and their customers. The foundation, of course, is the hard-working, ethical and experienced attorneys who comprise this organization and make quality without compromise their standard.